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Training and coaching from professional motocross/supercross rider Kyle Goerke.


Group classes and individual training available.

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Kyle Goerke - Trainer at Goerke MX School

Kyle Goerke - Trainer at Goerke MX School

 Trainer Kyle Goerke is a professional supercross, arenacross,  and outdoor motocross racer. He is a great teacher and  knows each of his students. Kyle enjoys teaching riders and  racers who share the same passion for riding and the MX  sport.


 Goerke MX School is a great school for all riders and racers.  The school teaches riders the neccessary skills, technique,  and form for riding and racing.



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The Story Behind Goerke Mx School....

The Goerke Family has an extensive background in motocross,
with family members winning championships and setting records as far back as 1906!

(To read about Walter Goerke's World Records, and Championship winning career CLICK HERE!)

Gary Goerke and his brother began racing in the 70's. Gary went on to become the 1976 Florida State Champion, and then the 1977 Amateur National Champion. He then went pro, but his career was cut short when his bikes were stolen. He was well on his way to the top during his 4 years of racing, and never lost his love for the sport. When Matt, his oldest son, was 1½ years old, Gary brought home a PW50. He would start it up and push Matt around every day. Matt began racing at 3½, as did his brother Kyle when he came along. Matt and Kyle soon began racking up state and national championships.

With Gary's work schedule as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, 24 hours on / 48 hours off, he had time to train his kids. Soon others began asking if their sons and daughters could train with them. Matt was good friends and teammates with Davi Millsapps on Cobras first factory team. The families soon began training and traveling together, along with Bryan Johnson Jr.  Colleen, Davi's mom, eventually moved to Georgia and started the highly successful Millsapps Training Facility (MTF). Gary and his wife, Cyndi, stuck with their careers, but continued to train other kids to supplement their income and help their sons achieve their dreams. Gary Goerke became NSCA certified in personal training, specializing in sports nutrition. Cyndi Goerke became Alpha and IDEA certified in aerobic fitness. She also became a licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Kinesio Taping among many other things.

The Goerke's hard work paid off, as together they earned over 30 Amateur Cational Championship Titles. Kyle Goerke qualified an amazing 17 times at the coveted Loretta Lynn's National, and brother Matt qualified 15 times. They had some bad luck there, but earned a couple of titles, and 11 moto wins at The Ranch.

Kyle had an amazing amount of natural ability, and would get the "holeshot" more times than not. Matt, on the other hand, was OK on the starts, but had an amazing work ethic. His hard work earned him the nickname "Last Lap Matt". Gary always told him that even though he may not have the best equipment on the line, he could always go to the line knowing he was in as good of shape or better than any of his competitors. This led Gary to begin studying Sports Psychiatry, and even working with Sports Psychiatrists. This helped Matt and Kyle to improve their weaknesses, while retaining their strengths. This was evident at Loretta Lynn's, when Kyle got the holeshot in the B class. He went down on the first lap, got up in 40th place, and charged back to 3rd place on the last lap, never giving up. Matt began getting better starts, a skill which carried over to the pro ranks. The power of positive thinking in sports is amazing. Part of the Goerke Mx School training is how to control your mind, not let it control you.

After winning the Loretta Lynn's Title in the 450 Pro Sport class with a dominating performance in 2004, Matt entered the pro ranks, and opened everyone's eyes when he finished top 10 in his very first pro national. He even passed James Stewart at one point in the race. Injuries held him back throughout his career, but he soldiered on to some great accomplishments. He had numerous podiums throughout his career in the USA, including being the points leader in the Lites East Region SX, before an injury held him back. He won the 2009 Southwick 450 Pro National as a replacement rider. It was the first time someone had accomplished this in decades. He raced all over the world, winning the German SX Championship Title. He then won the 2012 Canadian Pro 450 Nationals, winning 16 out of 18 motos. He returned to the states in 2013 and 2014, getting numerous top 10's in 450 SX, at Nationals, and winning numerous AMSOIL Arenacross races. He accomplished this all while fighting nagging injuries. He then returned to Canada healthy, and won the 2015 Rockstar 450 Pro Nationals. He finished 2nd in the 2016 Rockstar 450 Pro Nationals, behind his friend Davi Millsapps. Matt finished ahead of notables Brett Metcalfe, Mike Alessi, Colton Facciotti, Kaven Benoit, and Tyler Medaglia. Matt was even listed by Racer X as one of the top ten riders to ever come out of the state of Florida, among such riders as Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Tim Ferry, and Davi Millsapps. Matt recently signed a deal with Rockstar Yamaha, and will be competing in the US AMSOIL Arenacross Series, and also the Canadian Nationals.

Being six years younger than Matt, Kyle Goerke was still in the amateur ranks for part of Matt's pro career, and continued teaching along with his dad at several Florida tracks. This helped to support Kyle's racing, while also helping with Matt off and on. Some of their past students include:

Shawn Skinner - Top 10 450 National rider and 125 SX race winner.

Adam Cianciarulo

Dalton Myers

Dean Dyess

Jazzmyn Canfield - 4 time Loretta Lynn's Champion.

Donald Solley

Derek Hall

Kyle Tobin


Kyle Goerke continued winning races in the amateur ranks, including 3 Titles in the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur SX Championship. He also won titles in the "B" classes in the ECRA SX Championship, winning every heat and main event in that series. These ECRA wins also often boasted lap times better than those in the pro classes. He even got involved with freestyle jumping for a short while, doing events as far away as South America.

Just as Kyle was entering the pro ranks, Cyndi Goerke developed a medical condition which caused her to step down from her position as assistant manager of Publix Supermarkets. Facing financial hardship, the Goerke's focused even more on the MX school so Kyle could continue racing. Kyle raced an older, mostly stock, Suzuki 450, and qualified for 27 Pro 450 SX night shows. He just missed out on making the main event several times in his heats, and numerous times in the LCQ's. All on the same, beat-up, old bike. He also finished 2nd in a German SX main event, and podiumed in AMSOIL Arenacross.

The Goerke's finally got back on their feet financially, and with the help of some great sponsors, were able to get a brand new 450. The bike had all the needed mods, and they picked it up at the 2013 Atlanta SX, but had to set it up before racing it the next weekend. Then disaster struck. Kyle broke his ankle while running 10th in his heat race on the old bike. While in the hospital to have plates and pins put in his ankle, he developed MRSA, a highly antibiotic resistant infection. He almost lost his leg, but after EIGHT surguries, his leg was saved. Unfortunately though, Kyle was unable to train properly for racing, due to permanent damage to the leg. Despite the injury, Kyle found solace in helping others achieve their dream in the sport he loves so much.

Gary Goerke recently retired from the Fire Department, and is now getting more involved in the MX school again. Gary and Kyle love to work with riders wanting to qualify for Loretta Lynn's and other Nationals. They will also be attending many of the AMSOIL Arenacross races to root on Matt in the pro ranks, while helping their students on amateur day. They also love helping beginners learn the proper riding techniques and bike set up, so they can be as safe as possible. Currently, some of their students that are competing nationally include:

Tristan Lane - 2016 FL State Champion in 2 pro classes, and top national contender. Tristan will soon be training with Goerke MX School's Matt Goerke at his facility, in preparation for obtaining his pro license.

Perry Warren - earned 4 titles in the "C" class in 2015, and currently is a top "B" class contender.

Cole Harley - 2016 FL State Champion in 2 "C" classes, 2015 Daytona Amateur SX Champion, and Loretta Lynn's moto winner.

Logan Mortberg - 2016 FL State Champion in 2 PeeWee classes, FL/GA Series multi champion, and top national contender.

Jordan Fuguet - up and coming "B" rider.

Connor Fortune - up and coming "C" rider.


Goerke MX School likes to focus on quality and individualized training, with a limited amount of students in each group. This ensures each rider has the opportunity to become the best they desire to be.


Where champions are made.

Goerke MX School champion Jazzmyn Canfield Goerke MX School champion Jazzmyn Canfield Goerke MX School champion on Dade City Motocross podium Goerke MX School champion Dawson Stark

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Goerke MX School champion Tristan Lane Goerke MX School champion Dyllon Kimsey Goerke MX School champion Brandon Ma Goerke MX School champion Brett Meade

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